Welcome to the webpages of the Conway Group, based in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Please navigate around the website to find out about our research, group members and publications.

Our research interests are at the interface of chemistry and biology and focus on the use of synthetic organic chemistry to enable the study of biological problems. Our current focus is the development of selective molecular probes to enable investigation of certain biological systems. This aim leads us to develop novel synthetic organic chemistry. Our research can be grouped into three main areas, (i) investigation of epigenetic changes in health and disease; (ii) novel probes to measure and target cellular REDOX; and (iii) targeting infectious diseases. Find out more about these research areas in the Research pages of this website. The group is a member of the NICHE consortium. If you are interested in joining the group, please see the vacancies section of our Contact page.

Our programmes:

The Chemistry in Cells four-year DPhil programme

Chemical biology tools for investigating the chemistry of cellular REDOX

Our funders and collaborators:

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Synthetic chemistry, chemical biology and medicinal chemistry
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