Chemistry of the Cell 4


organising committee:

Helen Hailes - University College London

Stuart Conway - University of Oxford

09:30 - 10:25    Arrive, set-up posters and coffee

10:25 - 10:30    Introduction, Prof. Andrew Hamilton FRS - University of Oxford

10:30 - 11:05    Prof. Chris Schofield - University of Oxford

                         Chemistry of oxygen sensing in animals

11:05 - 11:40    Dr Glenn Burley - University of Leicester

                         Unravelling the alternative RNA splicing labyrinth with bifunctional


11:40 - 12:15    Prof. James Naismith - University of St Andrews


12:15 - 13:45    Lunch and poster session

13:45 - 14:20    Prof. Mark Searle - University of Nottingham

                         Ubiquitin recognition by the p62 scaffold protein: mutations,

                         dysfunctional regulation and human disease

14:20 - 14:55    Dr David Spring - University of Cambridge

                         The search for new antibacterials using diversity-oriented synthesis

14:55 - 15:30    Prof. Rudolf Allemann - Cardiff University

                         Controlling biomacromolecular interactions with photonic


15:30 - 16:00    Tea and poster session

16:00 - 17:00    Prof. Alanna Schepartz - Yale University

                         Monitoring sophisticated protein function with profluorescent small


                         The RSC Chemical Biology Interface Forum Lecture

17:00 - 18:00    Wine reception and presentation of poster prizes

Chemistry of the Cell 4 is a one-day meeting, organised by the RSC Bio-Organic Group, which focuses on research at the chemistry-biology interface. The meeting is on Monday 6th September 2010 in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre at the University of Oxford.

Poster presentations are invited from graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Prizes will be awarded for the best posters. Please send completed abstracts to Dr Helen Hailes by 27th August 2010. All delegates must register (£10) in advance via the RSC website. Key links can be found here:

  1. Registration

  2. Directions

  3. Abstract template

  4. Flyer

Please address any other enquiries to Dr Stuart Conway. We are very grateful to the following organisations for generous sponsorship of this meeting: