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  1. February 2015: Congratulations to Lingbing whose work on the synthesis of deuterated hopanoids, a collaboration with the Newman Lab at Caltech, has been accepted for publication in Geobiology.

  2. January 2015: Stuart is guest editing a special issue of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry on “Novel therapeutics targeting epigenetics”. Read the editorial here.

  3. January 2015: Collaborative work with the Holmes group, conducted by Mark Gregory during a visit to Oxford, has been published in the Australian Journal of Chemistry issue dedicated to Sir John Cornforth.

  4. December 2014: Congratulations to Tim Rooney and Diane Swallow for passing their DPhil vivas.

  5. October 2014: We are delighted to welcome Charles Evans and Sarah Collins to the group as DPhil students.

  6. Older news items can be found here.

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